I am Borna Matosic - guitarist and composer for film, TV and games!

While being primarily at home in the heavy rock genre as a guitarist and songwriter, my lifelong obsession with soundtrack music led me to study film and game music at the world-renowned Berklee College of Music in 2014.

Whether it's played by a live orchestra or produced completely as a mockup "in the box", as a Berklee certified "Orchestration for Film & TV Specialist" I'm now well-prepared to bring all kinds of audiovisual media to life through my music!

News & Updates

27 November 16 - In collaboration with JustLev, my video production team Bamboo Bandit produced the video for the #LevXmas project, featuring my newest soundtrack!

17 September 16 - My video production team Bamboo Bandit is supporting our local musical group's crowdfunding campaign - we produced their campaign video, which features original music by yours truly! See it over at Indiegogo!

14 September 16 - 48 hours to think up a short film, find actors & locations, shoot the film, edit it and finally score it with original music - and making it all fit to a randomly assigned combination of film title and genre - that's what the 2880 film festival is all about! My team Bamboo Bandit was up for the challenge and we're happy to say that our adventure film 'Two are in sync' (subtitles available) made it to the final round where it will be presented to the judges - let's see what they think!

10 September 16 - Enjoy my newest guitar instrumental, the epic symphonic metal track titled Yggdrasil!

01 July 16 - What is interactive music and how does it work? Find out in this video presentation about my soundtrack for the Angry Bots video game!

07 June 16 - I just released a music video for my song Sunset Memories! You can watch it here!

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